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The patients' skin is pale, there is excessive sweating, the tongue is coated, the mucous membranes are dry, the skin is inelastic (if you pull the skin or press on it, it will retain the shape of your fingers for some time). Urinary retention is possible, and incontinence is also observed. Breathing is rapid and shallow. Mental symptoms. With NMS, mental disorders can take on a variety of forms. Confusion, delirium, oneiroid, and catatonia are typical. The degree of confusion varies depending on the severity and stage of nizoral. Catatonic symptoms are very common in NMS and are one of the main symptoms. If the patient does not receive proper care, there is a high probability of death.

The severity of symptoms depends on the type of antipsychotic and dosage. The main danger of neuroleptic malignant syndrome is the increased probability of death of the patient (as indicated, it is 10-12%, according to other sources - 5-10%, but may increase, depending on how quickly the patient receives help and whether he receives it at all) .

Death occurs from pathological conditions that develop against the background of the syndrome (renal, cardiac, respiratory, liver failure, various cardiac complications - heart attack, sudden cessation of cardiac activity, rhabdomyolysis, consequences of bullous dermatitis).

Some patients who have experienced NMS experience disturbances in brain function. Cognitive abilities deteriorate, and various neurological disorders are observed. If treatment for neuroleptic deficiency syndrome is not started in time, the symptoms observed in the patient will persist and partially remain even after the antipsychotics are discontinued, so it is important to consult a doctor as early as possible.

Stop taking antipsychotics. This is the basis of treatment for NMS. Treatment must take place in a hospital. in the intensive care unit or intensive care unit. Symptomatic treatment. The patient is prescribed medications and procedures that alleviate his condition and depend on the symptoms. drugs to lower body temperature, drugs that restore normal heart rhythm, control blood pressure, and so on. Neuroleptic correctors are used to eliminate neurological symptoms. To remove antipsychotics from the patient’s body, plasmapheresis and forced diuresis are used.

Basic principles of treatment of NMS. To eliminate some mental symptoms, benzondiazepines are prescribed. Supportive care. Monitoring vital signs, taking measures to prevent the occurrence of bedsores and pneumonia. It is extremely important that the patient receives enough fluids (patients usually need todrips are regularly placed), since dehydration in this pathology can significantly increase the likelihood of worsening the condition. The patient must also receive high-quality nutrition.

To eliminate dopamine blockade, leading to the development of the syndrome, medications such as bromocriptine and dantrolene are prescribed. However, these methods are not used in all cases. The main method of eliminating neuroleptic deficiency syndrome is to change antipsychotics, discontinue them, or select a more appropriate dosage. Also, if the patient takes several antipsychotics at once, some of them are canceled, leaving one.

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To alleviate the symptoms observed with VAT, antidepressants may be prescribed. Patients who have difficulties with socialization may require psychotherapeutic treatment. Forecast and methods of prevention. If a patient with neuroleptic malignant syndrome quickly receives medical help, the prognosis is favorable. Much depends on the characteristics of the course of the syndrome, the general health of the patient, and the level of ketoconazole care. With neuroleptic deficiency syndrome, the prognosis is predominantly favorable. Even patients who have been on high doses of typical antipsychotics for years show some improvement after changing therapy.

Neuroleptic syndrome (neurolepsy). causes, signs, diagnosis, how to treat, prognosis. Neuroleptic syndrome is a neurological disorder caused by taking antipsychotics. This is a side effect of long-term treatment with psychotropic drugs that affect dopaminergic receptors. In patients, the body temperature rises, muscle rigidity and interruptions in heart function occur, the state of the psyche changes, the mood becomes depressed, and neurovegetative dysfunction develops.

Specialists in the field of psychiatry and neurology carry out diagnostic and treatment measures. Movement disorders that occur in patients allow one to buy ketoconazole online. Involuntary jerky arrhythmic muscle contractions, aimless repetition of the same movements or words, restless behavior, tremors are the most common among them. The diagnosis is made taking into account anamnestic data, complaints, results of a general examination and additional techniques. Treatment of the syndrome consists of discontinuing the antipsychotic medication taken and eliminating the main symptoms of the disease. The mortality rate from NMS is 5–20%. Even timely hospitalization of a patient at a dispensary does not provide any guarantees. In some cases, neuropsychiatric disorders progress and are often not corrected with medications.

Neuroleptics block dopamine receptors, which leads to an imbalance of neurotransmitters, destruction of the relationship between the thalamus and subcortical structures, and the development of compensatory reactions of the body. The frequency of occurrence of pathology is determined by three main factors - the chosen medicine, the psychomotor state of the patient, and previous head injuries. Factors provoking the development of the syndrome.

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